Woven Ties

Woven Logos

Weaving the logo into the fabric gives a luxury look and finish to the final product. The weaving process gives extra
thickness which adds weight and an overall feeling of quality.
The limitations of weaving logos into the fabric are in the level of detail that can be achieved and the number of colours
required as these are constrained by the set up of the loom used.
All weave effects can be achieved in both polyester and silk yarns.

  • Usually limited to no more than 6 colours
  • Logo size cannot be too small as even high density weaving is limited in its detail.
  • Straight edges will always have slight texture to them due to the weaving process.
  • suited to placed logos and stripes rather than full all-over designs.
  • Heavier fabric not generally suited to use as scarves.

Weave in up to 6 colours picking out highlight colour in stripes.

Weaving is great for creating subtle texture and all over patterns.

Woven fabric is excellent for use in Bow ties and Cravats.


For bowties, clip ons and labelling options, Click here for more

Printed Ties

Flexibility of Printing

Printed logos

Printing provides a precise design in sharp detail. It requires a smoother and slightly lighter fabric for best
results and results in a luxuriously soft final product.
All print styles can be used on both polyester and silk fabrics.

  • Not restricted in size, the whole area of the tie or scarf an be used.
  • Placement of the design will be exactly the same every time.
  • Screen printing is for up to 10 colours and gives lines and details that are clear and crisp.
  • Digital printing can be used to give full colour printing and is best for unrestricted colours and photographic type designs.

Use screen printing where an accurate and precise logo is required.

Use digital printing where a full colour unrestricted design is required.

Printed is our recommended method for producing all our scarves

Tie Options

Any of our fabrics can be made into clip ties or bowties
We also offer bespoke labelling options either branded with our distributors name or the
final customers logo


Clip on ties are perfect for staff security or when a consistent knot is required as part of a uniform.


Made to your preferred size for a more formal uniform item.


We can add bespoke fine woven labels to any of your products.